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Tuscano started its Medical devices development foray in September 2009, when the new leadership acquired the company. With the aim of developing products for improving clinical outcomes, an experienced team was quickly set. The sustained focus resulted in quick commercialization of our products. The company aims to bring in newer products that are relevant, affordable and patient friendly. A quick snapshot of the current status:
ASPI-fs – A simple device that allows the user to aspirate fluids through fine needles in a safe and controlled manner. The device also allows   fluid to be delivered orally (for enteral feeding or enteroclysis studies)
DCS-fs – A programmable, re-processor that reduces the wastage of RO water significantly and effectively cleans the dialyzer with any   chemical of choice. It allows the user to selectively run or re-run processes that may be required by the user to clean different dialyzers   based on the patient condition.
MAMRIT – An unique IR based thermographic device that acquires temperature information of breast. The acquisition of the temperature   information is done with all coordinate and ambient temperature information thereby ensuring that the environmental conditions are   repeatable.
Infusomon – A simple, effective device that monitors drug/fluid infusion and pulse oximetry at the same time.
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