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From time memorial Cancer has been one of the killers and early diagnosis is the key to conquering Cancer.  While the old adage states , “Prevention is better than cure “, Tuscano has complemented this adage with the motto “Early detection is key to Cure “. Tuscano is focused on innovation in early detection of Cancer notably through Infra Red Imaging. In addition to  detection , Tuscano is also developing Treatment Systems  which will help Doctors and Physicians to plan and deliver Radiation accurately.


Changing life styles and dietary habits have resulted in increased Kidney failures in India over the last decade. This has resulted in increased workloads on Dialysis Centers & equipments and healthcare costs for Individuals. Tuscano has sensed the acute need for innovation in Dialysis (equipments and processes) to bring down the cost of Dialysis and also increase the equipment life to cope with the increased work load without compromising on the quality of Health Care.

In the current scenario it has become increasingly important to monitor the dosage of various drugs while being administered to the patient for effective health care. Tuscano is focussing on devoloping devices which combines monitoring of drug delivery with the measuring of vital parameters (ie. pulse etc) to have instant feedback of the patient's response to the treatment. 
Inspite of various advances in Imaging Technology , the final confirmation is always based on the sample taken from the Patient's body. To ensure effective sampling, Tuscano is working on devices that will help Doctors / Technicians to steer various devices for accurate sampling of specimen. 
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