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Breast cancer in developing countries like India is increasing and is estimated to overtake cervical cancer, which is now known to be the most common malignancy in woman. Breast thermography is an innocuous, non invasive procedure being well promoted in developed countries as an adjunct to breast cancer screening especially for asymptomatic women. Thermography is representation of the distribution of difference in temperature patterns exerted on the skin surface due to the presence or absence of any underlying pathology and the regional vascularization. A thorough characterization of the cyclic variations in the temperature distribution in asymmetric focal hot spots, areolar and peri areolar heat, diffuse global heat, vessel discrepancy, thermographic edge sign assists in identifying abnormal thermograms. MAMRIT System (“Mammary Rotational Infrared Thermographic System”) for breast imaging is a non-invasive, image acquisition and processing system for monitoring breast tissue changes without any radiation. It comprises a high resolution IR camera, integrated with the inbuilt temperature control and monitoring system and with the multi-axial rotating arm and positioning set up that are enclosed within a closed chamber and the special design on its top as the patient couch used for patient positioning. Controls for acquisition, display and processing of the device is effected through a computer. The configuration of the device enables an image is captured all through 360 degrees of the target under focus.
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