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ASPI - "A Simple Peristaltic Instrument" is designed and developed with focus on providing better clinical outcomes for the delivery/ aspiration of fluids of any viscosity, air in a uniform, controlled and sterile manner.

Software menu allows the user to select the desired volume and rate of fluid/air to be aspirated/delivered independently.

No part of the fluid/air comes in contact with the system, thereby ensuring that the fluid/air is safely aspirated /delivered in a sterile condition. There is no reverse flow of the fluid/air when the rotor stops thereby avoiding reverse flow at all conditions.

The system has patient safety features like: monitoring of pump rotation ; indications specific to direction and speed of rotation; pause button for needle re-positioning (loculated lesions) ; emergency stop; real-time display of set time and the actual pump rotation time, volume of fluid/ air aspirated/ delivered.

The rotor and the outer cover can be ETO sterilized . Additional accessories can facilitate the system for Double contrast Enteroclysis studies (X-Ray), as well as CT Enteroclysis studies

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