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Technical Specifications
Use Of Commonly Available Cleaning Agents.
Programmable Sequence And Timing.
Pressure Leakage Test.
Total Cell Volume Measurement, Display And Print.
Store And Recall Of Sequence.
Print Facility.
Independent Of Inlet Water Pressure Can Be As Low As 1 Bar.
Dialyzis Reprocessing Reporting System (DRRS) has been designed to complement DCS and comes up with a suite of reports that helps Nephrologists and Dialysis Technician with Dialyzer traceability , usage etc. The report has been designed with rich User Interface and with suitable adaptors can be plugged to existing Hospital Management System.
TUSPAS is an in-house tool has been designed at TUSCANO to help remote monitoring of DCS at client location. With TUSPAS , monitoring as well complete machine testing (automated) can be done remotely.
Clinical Benefits
System gives freedom to customer to decide and define even each of the cleaning process sequence and the time.
System facilitates the each user to save specific protocols as per their site’s preferences for repetition in same patient or for same type of dialyzers.
Packed cell volume is measured accurately with ± 2% variation.
Patient Benefits
Increased number of reuses of dialyzer.
Cost effective treatment.
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