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DCS-fs, is a Dialyzer Reprocessing System. Wherever dialysis is performed, this reprocessing device is useful. Dialyzer reprocessing system is an automated machine for reprocessing the used dialyzer for its re-use on the same patient. This dialyzer reprocessing device also facilitates the related dialyzer cleaning and post dialysis - dialyzer handling, dialyzer preparation and dialyzer preservation for reuse. DCS-fs, is a medical device that automates the dialyzer cleaning and reprocessing activities in dialysis centres and in hospitals by its reliable and effective performance.
DCS-fs reprocesses the used dialyzer (an artificial kidney) through multiple stages of cleaning and sterilization is effected by chemical disinfectant method. DCS-fs is able to connect with other computing devices for exchange of valuable clinical data for analysis by its WiFi module.

Patents Filed - 4908/CHE/2013

CMC Ludhiana , "Cleaning is good, better than machine used before"

Shravan hospital, Nagpur, "Extremely reliable product; extremely happy with its performance and features; service support is excellent"

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