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Salient Feature Of DCS fs Dialyser Reprocessing Machine

Programmable System

After Initiating with start button, machine will do all sequences in a chronological order with print or final outcome .System has user configurable program steps. Once system is set it performs all the functions in the chosen order , there are also preconfigured sequence available , allows greater flexibility and improved cleaning.

Compact Machine

Machine in compacted in single case of size 240*294*703mm L*B*H.

Easy To Use (User Friendly)

Menu Driven program to perform all the sequences . Easy to use and friendly to service.

Durable Modular Design

Isolation of electronics from Hydraulics section. All major components are high quality and standard ones, UL certified and CE compliant. The entire system meets IEC standards as per test done at SAMEER (Dept. of Electronics and IT govt. of India).

4 Soft Key Operation Complete Test

Leak Test , System Integrity Test , System Check, Last Disinfection test.

Chemical Delivery System

In-built pumps are present to draw chemicals from differential height of 1.5 m. However, chemicals can be kept at ground level to optimize space usage and to minimize the risks involved in chemical handling.

Cost Effective

Open system allows any chemical of customer choice can be used, coupled with minimal usage (programmable) of water 8 – 10 lit for low flux dialyser. No compulsion of buying specific brand chemicals. Choice of chemical is at customer discretion.

Automation For Cleaning And Filling Of Disinfection

Machine is programmable, the sequence and time can be programmed by user as per the requirement Customer has a choice to optimize and suit his requirement .

Alarm & Safety Features

System Integrity Test ,Bundle Volume Test fail, Pressure Test fail, Visual Indication for each Sequence, Printer output with Time Stamp, Incomplete machine disinfection alarm, No Water/Chemical Alarm.

Cleaning Technique

Multiple Flow direction Technique ,there by ensuring adequate cleaning performed across the dialyser

Printing Function

Built-in printer prints Priming Volume , Bundle Volume , Leak test pressure on successful completion of all reprocessing , in case of failure indicates caused of failure. All prints are with date and time stamp.

System Flushing With Air

Complete system gets flushed with Air after every process with fluid. This minimizes chances of cross contamination due to residual fluid of earlier process.

On Line Weight Measurement

Dialyser is directly mounted on the Measuring System for Online measurement of Volume.Value measured are more Accurate and risk of contamination is minimized.

Fresh And Spelt Fluid Path Are Different

System Layout and path designed in a way that spelt fluid doesn’t mixes with fresh fluid. Thereby reducing the chance of cross contamination.

Operational Protocol
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